ITRV, Veterinary Institute for Regenerative Therapies, comes from the collaboration between Bioethic Alliance srl, Parmalab srl and professionals with proven experience in the field of isolation, preparation and use of autologous Mesenchymal Stromal Cells (MSCs) and blood products for veterinary use deriving from the academic and technical scientific world.

ITRV is an autonomous unit, provided with equipment exclusively dedicated to the preparation of MSCs and blood components for veterinary autologous therapeutic applications.

ITRV is located in Parma, in Edison-Volta 25/A Street,


  • Dr.ssa Laura Elena Calvi
    Parmalab srl - DVM PhD. Director
  • Dr.ssa Isabella Lonetti
    Parmalab srl - Biologist Head ofproduction
  • Dr.ssa Chiara Frazzi
    Parmalab srl - Head of analysis laboratory
  • Dr. Armando Sozzi
    Bioethic Alliance srl - Administrator and Chief Financial Officer
  • Dr Alessandro Bustaffa
    Bioethic Alliance srl - Pharmacist /Quality Assurance Manager


  • Prof. Maurizio Del Bue
    Parma - Former professor at the Veterinary Medicine Faculty of the University of Parma
  • Dr.ssa Maura Ferrari
    Former Director of the Experimental Zoo prophylactic Institute of Lombardia and Emilia Romagna (IZSLER), Brescia


ITRV's mission is to provide the preparation and distribution service of biological products in accordance with current legislation.

In particular, the ITRV service is focused on autologous products starting mainly from adipose tissue for the isolation of MSCs and from the blood for the preparation of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and platelet lysate (LP).

The ITRV laboratory aims on the one hand to provide a biological product with qualitative and quantitative characteristics in order to guarantee a high efficacy and safety and, on the other hand, to be able to respond quickly, precisely and punctually to the needs of Veterinarians, offering the best logistical service and organizational efficiency

ITRV can also store, in a controlled and monitored environment, autologous preparations allowing the immediate availability of a further dose of biological product that may be necessary for the finalization of the therapy.


ITRV carries out the preparation service of the following autologous biological products:

  • Mesenchymal Stromal Cells - MSCs
  • Platelet Rich Plasma - PR
  • Platelet Lysate – L
  • Platelet suspensions for ophthalmic applications - CL


  • The activity is carried out according to qualitative parameters aimed to ensure the purity of the product.
  • The procedures are carried out in sterile conditions, each phase of the process is controlled for the absence of any microbiological contaminants.
  • All equipment are monitored at set intervals.
  • The procedures are standardized and the reagents used are suitable for the relevant activity.
  • The laboratory operates in accordance with ISO 9001 2015 standards


For the service we offer or for information, please contact the laboratory: [email protected] or Dr.ssa Laura Elena Calvi (Cell. and Whatsapp): +39 3756287039

Please ask for the instructions on the collection and dispatch of biological material (Form 1) and fill in the production request form (Form 2) to coordinate with the laboratory the sample reception, the planning of the preparation activities and the delivery of the product.